About Us

My Consumer IT

My Consumer IT is dedicated to closing the gap between the corporations that provide services and the small to medium-size companies that use them. We specialize in telecommunications, computer networking, computer repair and network and computer security. We also offer services in graphic design, including, but not limited to, logo design and marketing strategies. We are problem solvers for small to medium business needs.

We are problem solvers for small to medium business needs and what seperates us is the desire to put your business on a level playing field with your competition and then help you with growth.

Who are we and what do we do

My Consumer IT was founded in March of 2011. We are a group of individuals that have spent much of our careers as technicians, network adminitstrator, sales managers and structured cable installers. We have come together to provide solutions to clients who are ready to expand but have limited or no IT infastructure. Often times, large providers do not include all of the special needs for implementing their services, and that is were we do our best work.

Bill Kinnamon

bill@myconsumerit.com 346-352-1612 ext 101

Bill Kinnamon founded My Consumer IT, LLC in 2011 with the help of a partner who eventually went to work with his family and we couldn't be happier for him. As a sole propriertor and a rookie at running a small business it has been a pleasure to suffer through the ups and downs to be able to provide the services we provide now with the level of service that just can't be matched. We offer intelligent solutions that ease office effeciency and give you full time support at a fraction of the cost.  

Partners and Providers

We have searched and researched to find the best partners in all phases of business. Sherweb is one of the largest providers of Microsoft software and virtual machines. RingCentral offers the best in IP phones telephony. Yext provides the very best in online presence and when you combine our services you truly give your business a voice.


Brett Cardiff

Brett Cardiff

brett@myconsumerit.com 346-352-1612 ext 102

Brett Cardiff cut his teeth by being thrown directly into the fire. His first job in IT was with a provider that ended putting him as admin for over 30 small to medium sized business's and over 500 users alone. Certified through several top providers including Yext and RingCentral and specializes in making it work. We patience and follow through Brett has solved most all of the major hurdles to come across our desk in the last year. If you get the pleasure of meeting Brett be sure to ask him about Mr. Anthony.