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My Consumer IT was founded in March of 2011. We are a group of individuals that have spent much of our careers as technicians, network adminitstrator, sales managers and structured cable installers. We have come together to provide solutions to clients who are ready to expand but have limited or no IT infastructure. Often times, large providers do not include all of the special needs for implementing their services, and that is were we do our best work.


My Consumer IT is dedicated to closing the gap between the corporations that provide services and the small to medium-size companies that use them. We specialize in telecommunications, computer networking, computer repair and security. We also offer services in graphic design, including, but not limited to, logo design and marketing strategies. We are problem solvers for small to medium business needs.


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As a Solutions Provider our mission is to find the correct solution or solutions that fit your needs at that time. Our Services include, but are not limited to, Structured Cabling, Network and computer administration, 24/7 Remote Monitoring Services, Back Up Disaster Recovery (BDR), Enterprise internet security services through webroot, 24/7 domain monitoring, Web Design, Web Hosting, Database Hosting, Virtual Machines, Microsoft 365 and the list goes on. We have a very knowledgable team and we would strive for effieceny and ROI or Return on Investment.

Save time and money on any IP Based hardware and software configuration